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Peace – a must have ad-blocker for iPhone & iPad

Untitled w/ & w/o ads

The title says it all. Peace allows fine control over what you want to see on your iDevices. You can block ads, trackers, any kind of social media extensions and commenting system.

I’m all for supporting a website but when it gets really annoying to read their contents and they are valuable information, I would install an ad-blocker. Sorry but some websites’ ads are just unforgivingly bad. Peace allows you to download only the necessary files, you don’t need to download a huge amount of data just to view a website. This is a very useful feature for mobile users, users who use cellular data.

For those who value online privacy, this is your way to safe haven. One of the main reasons why a website can be very slow is due to trackers embedded to the website. You have to load all those trackers when opening the website. Once I installed Peace, I cannot believe how fast my browser experience is now and how bad it was.

Peace is not a free app. I’m not fond of buying free apps, we need to support apps developers more than ever, especially Indie developers who are now slowly withering.

Update: The developer – Marco Arment has since pulled the app off the App Store. There is a good alternative – Purify


Why it will happen:

1. It will be used everywhere, from factory floors to big touch screen displays, like the one used by CNN. It will serve our needs of a better OS. Jobs DID NOT popularize GUI, Gates was the one who did that. What?? If you look beyond the US, the only OS that you can find everywhere is Windows. It exponentially helps our jobs, from offices, factories to aeronautical, the high tech jobs. Now, tell me who popularized GUI?

2. Anyone can buy the OS, I mean any manufacturers.

3. It may face a very slow start but once the steam finished warming up, iOS will be left behind by developers.

4. A hardware race to the bottom will be won by PC manufacturers, not Apple. Once they all able to produce more than decent hardwares, Apple designs will no longer be relevant. It’s just a matter of time until the learn to do everything the Apple way.

Why it won’t happen:

1. It’s like iPod and iPhone all over again. Microsoft failed to gain meaningful traction with Zune and Windows Phone. The former was shut down and the latter seems to have no future. Microsoft has too much money, they can keep the Phone business around for a while. With the release of iPad Mini, it may as well be a game-over for Microsoft, just like what iPod Mini did with the MP3 market.

2. iOS may be too good to be replicated. The smoothness, the responsiveness and the vast collections of apps offer much more delightfulness to users than its’ competitors.

3. Apple is now a juggernaut. Far bigger than Microsoft. They have enough cash to keep operating for decades with zero net profit. They attracts great people, great talented people.

4. Windows 8 may be too confusing and from early reviews, it’s no where near as good as iOS and OS X.

5. Apple develops their own hardwares and softwares, customize everything they could to make the end products superbly engineered. No one has the capabilities to do these stuff.

6. Apple customers are those people who do not or no longer own or use or rely on Microsoft products. They are in Apple’s ecosystem.