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How to Choose the Right Speakers

The way to find good speakers requires a little legwork and you can’t do it online.

  1. Take your iPod/iPhone, (portable) DAC, or favorite good sounding CDs to an audio store
  2. Chase the salesman away and pull out a yellow pad or whatever note-taking app you have in your phone
  3. Play the first song on every speaker in the store, regardless of price and write down notes on how they sound
  4. Repeat the process with all of your reference songs
  5. Figure out which speakers sounded the best with the largest number of songs
  6. Now look at the prices and see what the bargain is
  7. Buy the speakers and take them home and set them up, paying attention to room acoustics
  8. Get a good prograde equalizer and balance the response
  9. Now, enjoy your music

Nowadays, my music reference is set and won’t be changed anytime soon. I usually bring HeadAmp Pico DAC or Wyred 4 Sound mINT if the audio store allows me to drive their speakers with it. When I chose my speakers, I also brought along with me, speakers that I bought online but I personally know the owner of the audio store. This is a unique case. It’s not like I didn’t buy anything from the store, I bought a lot of stuff from the store.

As usual, rules of thumb: spend less on amp and DAC, more on the speakers, and a bit more on room acoustics.

Video of iPhone 5 Special Event Now Available – Page 3 – MacRumors Forums.

^ Lots of complaints about the loss of Apple’s showmanship.

They need to get Jony on stage again. I for one would like to see him, the designer, explains how and why he designs this and that.

I’m not a big fan of Schiller presenting new products, Forstall is decent. Joswiak is also quite a decent presenter. The Hair Force One is funny and enjoyable to watch. I hope the OSX guy gets more presentation time in the future.


Oh my… To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about all these audio hypes on and several other online forums. To keep this short, the amp is fabulous, it’s quiet even with my not-so-good source, an iPod Classic 120GB. I’m still waiting for my HeadAmp Pico Amp/DAC to arrive any day now.

Aside from its’ rugged and beautiful appearance, the amp seems to be producing much better SQ, bigger soundstage than an ordinary iPod (paired with the superb Sennheiser HD650 headphones). I can hear more instruments separations, more details coming from the phones, treble, bass, everything seem to be well controlled. I never thought an (headphone) amp would actually improve the SQ this much. I’m now one happy camper. 😀

While it is very well made on the inside, the exterior does not match the superb craftsmanship on the inside. There are misalignments here and there. Full aluminum chassis does not mean it’s very well made. There are also a few tiny nicks. I wish they could put more attention to the chassis work, but for the price, I won’t complaint. 🙂

I use the beautiful Sophia Princess 274B Mesh as the rectifier tube and RCA 6DE7 as the drive/power tubes. My WA6 has V-Cap coupling caps and Black Gate voltage filter caps. I don’t know if those caps improve the SQ as I have not heard the standard WA6. I like the feel of the volume knob and the ability to use full range of the potentiometer.

So, there you go, superb amp for the money. It is beautiful, rugged and fairly well made.