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Modern Slavery in Electronics: Facts About Slave-Mined Conflict Minerals from the Congo

The way I see this is we cannot stop what is already happening. We can slow it down by buying less electronics. There are those who are constantly upgrading their ‘toys’ every year or even every small iteration.

People need to open their eyes that your old ‘toys’ are probably still good enough. What if they start experiencing problems? Well, fix it, go to or discussion forums to find out where the problems are and how to fix them.

Sure, there are bad electronics out there. So, don’t buy them and be a smart buyer. A properly designed electronic should last for a lifetime. Maybe not smartphones, tablets, or computers. But they do last for a while if you take care of them.

I was very fond on anything automatic. From electronic power seats to home automations. I was a geek in those areas. Years went on, I found out that anything that works automatically tend to fall apart quickly. They require more extensive care and services. It’s no longer fun to use when something breaks and the only way to turn it into a working product is to spend a large chunk of money or simply throw the thing away because the thing cannot be fixed or the cost to fix it is too high.

I spent a large part of my childhood dreaming about robotics, super computers, home automations, advanced electronics… Those dreams have disappeared. I did it on purpose too. As I entered school and now work environment, my interests in those items decrease rapidly. I consider some of them to be an annoyance sometimes. Most of them are expensive and high maintenance. I no longer have the time to tinker and play with them.

Nowadays, I prefer something low maintenance but not necessarily cheap. High quality items (that last) tend to be expensive. But in order for them to last, they need to be as simple as possible. To be simple, the manufacturer needs to cut down things that aren’t that important. I’m kinda like it. Why do you need anymore that you need? Why not buy items that last just about forever. Light switches for example, now you can easily find the fancy ones. I prefer the mechanical ones. Not only they last but I don’t need to replace them when new models that make the old models look dated and expired.

Another good examples are electric steering wheel adjustment and power seats. I have personally experience these two parts do not work anymore and the cost of fixing them is astronomically high. As with the light switches, I prefer a mechanical seat. They last and I have not seen one that fails. Sure, the temptation for power seats is hard to resist but when you think that you don’t actually need power seats, then you don’t need one.

Besides power seats and electric steering wheel adjustment add considerable weight to the car. You don’t want to add anymore weight to our already heavy new cars. Newer cars are heavier than old cars because of safety concerns and other complicated laws. If the government wants to keep the road safe off incompetent drivers, then make the driving tests harder!

Heavy cars consume more gas. Constant upgrades and replacements cost the environment as manufacturers pump new products into the market. With less demand, there will be less activity in the factory or less production. Then who’s gonna feed the workers? Well, that’s another issue about over populated Earth.