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I love Tokyo. The first time I came was when I was a young kid. Tokyo is every young kid dreaming about. There are games, arcades, and comics practically on every corner of a city block. I consider Tokyo as one of the cleanest metropolitans in the world. There are automated machines used everywhere and there is a fish market that does not stink.

Tokyoites can be a bit weird sometimes, especially when there is an event. They are among the most discipline citizens that I have seen in the world. So, you can imagine the city is very neat and new techs are actually used in real world. They are so discipline that they do not tolerate late Shinkansen arrivals any more than 15-seconds.

This is really the real modern city. The big difference with other big cities is Tokyo is able to preserve their traditions. It’s not a small feat to do it right. In Jakarta for example, I rarely ever see people wearing traditional clothes. In Tokyo, you may find people, especially women wearing kimonos.

It’s not just traditions, Japanese mentality is to never be satisfied at less than great results. That’s why you see well-built buildings, infrastructures and public transportations in the city. They seem to be able to withstand weather, earthquakes, and time better than any comparable cities other than Munich. The foundation has been laid and future generations should be able to preserve where Tokyo should be heading in the future.

Here are a few pics I took when I was in Tokyo on a week long vacation:

As you can see, not even New York is this clean, tidy, and neat. Perhaps, there are parts of Tokyo that look bad but I didn’t find it. The amazing thing about the city is wherever you are going to eat, it’s almost likely to be much better than any comparable random restaurants in any other metropolitans. Much better and I’m not kidding. Even a random curry rice restaurant I found is amazingly good. So, they are not only care about how their way of life but they also care about their way of living. I’m amazed. I will cover more about Japan on future posts.